How Best Practice Medicine Training Saved a Man in Need

Posted by Jane Fielden on March 02, 2024

Discover the incredible story of how best practice medicine played a crucial role in saving a man in need.

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Three exciting facts - Advanced EMT

Posted by Ben King on June 16, 2022

Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs) are the sweet spot of Emergency Medical Services. Two AEMT courses are upcoming at Best Practice Medicine, get registered today to secure your spot!

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Why should you become an AEMT?

Posted by Jamie Heinrich on October 13, 2021

Is it worth it to get a 16 week long AEMT certification at Best Practice Medicine when you can get your endorsements over a weekend and be able to do the same thing? Short answer — yes it is 100% worth it.  

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Meet our team: Amber Clifton

Posted by Jamie Heinrich on June 21, 2021

At Best Practice Medicine, we staff the highest caliber people to be in the best seat possible for them and for our team. Today, I got the honor to sit down with one of our awesome team members, Amber Clifton, who has recently stepped into a new role as the EMT course manager. Amber started working with BPM just over a year ago, and it is so fun to hear her story of how she got to the best seat for herself in the company. Meet Amber Clifton!

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What is TECCRE?

Posted by Jamie Heinrich on March 24, 2021

Active shooter events and other mass casualty incidents, particularly ones involving an active threat, have been a steadily growing occurrence in the 21st century. In the past week alone we saw 7 active shooter events in 7 days across the USA. These events bring many cross-discipline providers from Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire Departments together to effectively respond the the event. The hurdle in preparation for these events is that these providers seldom train together in these environments. System-wide procedures and protocols are only as effective as they have been practiced and implemented. Enter: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Rural Environments (TECCRE)

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What is BPM's Wildland Fire EMT/Paramedic program?

Posted by Jamie Heinrich on March 08, 2021

Here at Best Practice Medicine, we are dedicated to improving patient care nationwide. To that end, we provide direct clinical patient care through our Paramedic Resource Group (PRG). PRG was initially founded to target the need for well trained EMS responders to deploy with Forest Service Fire Line teams.

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How to Become a Licensed EMT

Posted by Jamie Heinrich on March 01, 2021

“Becoming an EMT gives you the opportunity to help your neighbors in times of crisis. It can make you calm, confident and prepared for everyday challenges and the greatest emergencies.”

How do I become a licensed EMT in Montana? We are often asked this question here at BPM, so our team put together a step by step guide for you! 

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How to Place and Acquire a 12-Lead Diagnostic EKG

Posted by Loren Deichman on August 05, 2019

Today, with Best Practice Medicine Co-Founder (and COO), Loren Deichman, and your BPM-TV host Miles Hackney, we'll be giving an in-depth description of how to place and obtain a diagnostic quality electrocardiogram. Quick trivia: Did you know electrocardiogram is abbreviated as both EKG and ECG? In German it's "Elektro-kardiographie"; in English it's "electrocardiography". An EKG is a record of electrical current in the heart over time. For many EMTs and Paramedics a 12-lead EKG is a vital tool in patient care. OK, let's dive in! Watch the video below or read on for the point by point training. 

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Best Practice Medicine Opens New Campus In Flathead County, MT

Posted by Nathan Williams on July 01, 2019

Bozeman, MT, July 1, 2019 - This just in: Best Practice Medicine, a professional medical education company founded in Montana, has officially opened a new campus location in Flathead County, MT. With a main campus based in Bozeman, supporting a passionate team of over 50 educators, from Culbertson to Kalispell, this second campus will serve medical providers from Western MT, Northern ID, Eastern WA, and Canada. Strategically located at 600 Windmill Drive in Columbia Falls, the mountains of Glacier National Park within view, the campus will continue the mission of Best Practice Medicine, to bring high-quality medical education to all of Montana--and beyond.

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NREMT Practical Skills How-To: Extremity Splinting - Knee or Tibia/Fibula

Posted by Miles Hackney on July 01, 2019

Thanks for being a part of this awesome education community. Today we'll be continuing our exploration of splinting and immobilization of lower extremities. Remember, when performing any splinting intervention, we begin with manual stabilization of the injured part, followed by initial assessment of the patient's circulation, sensation, and movement (CSMs). Keep reading or watch our video to get the full scoop on splinting lower leg injuries. 

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