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Posted by Jamie Heinrich on June 21, 2021
Jamie Heinrich

At Best Practice Medicine, we staff the highest caliber people to be in the best seat possible for them and for our team. Today, I got the honor to sit down with one of our awesome team members, Amber Clifton, who has recently stepped into a new role as the EMT course manager. Amber started working with BPM just over a year ago, and it is so fun to hear her story of how she got to the best seat for herself in the company. Meet Amber Clifton!

6F70581E-ECCA-4078-918B-49B8976E00C0Amber came to Bozeman from Spokane, where she took her initial EMT class. In fact, Amber took her NREMT exam on the same day she drove to move from Spokane to Bozeman. After passing her exam she volunteered as an EMT with Big Sky Ski Patrol and Bike Patrol as she was trying to get a job at a fire department. Now, she has been an EMT for 4 years and is working toward her masters degree in nutrition science and kinesiology at Montana State University.

Amber started working with us just over a year ago our PRG division doing COVID-19 screening. Initially Amber "applied to work with our wildland fire program, but there was a greater need for COVID-19 screeners in March of 2020." However, Amber is now Best Practice Medicine's EMT course manager, her job is to manage all of the little details of our ever-growing EMT course.

23D30F2A-9970-4B8B-B04C-4EF049013708Toward the beginning of her time as a COVID-19 screener, "it was a lot of just deployment work" she recalled. When the fire season picked up Amber was deployed as a wildland fire EMT at the largest fire in Colorado history. 

76EFC000-2D0F-476F-9548-1E9DA200FDE0As months passed and Amber was in school full-time at MSU as well as screening she sought out work within BPM that would be more flexible with her schedule — there she found a role as an EMT instructor. Quickly, Amber's talents and hardworking spirit fit great with our Emergency Medical Education Team. Over the spring BPM created a new role that fit Amber perfectly — EMT Course Manager. 

When not in the office, Amber is doing research, working with a local fire department, chasing her dog around, or spending time in the woods hiking, biking, or boating. 

EMT Class

Amber pictured in back left holding her furry gal Maggie. 



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