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Posted by Ben King on June 16, 2022
Ben King
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Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs) are the sweet spot of Emergency Medical Services. Two AEMT courses are upcoming at Best Practice Medicine, get registered today to secure your spot!

Completing an EMT course is a challenge, with more than a hundred and fifty hours of classroom and lab experience to prepare you to care for the sick and injured. Despite the breadth of material covered and the simulation experiences in the BPM EMT program, many alumni want more. A deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology, kinematics of trauma, pharmacology, patient assessment, and clinical decision-making led to the Advanced EMT program. 


Three Exciting Facts 
  1. Advanced EMTs practice at a significantly more significant scope of practice and scope of knowledge 
  2. AEMT alumni of BPM earn more and promote quickly in both EMS agencies and Fire Departments
  3. As an AEMT in Montana, you will likely be the highest level of care in your community. Nearly every fire department and ambulance service in our state need Advanced EMTs to join their teams.


Suppose you are a curious EMT who wants to learn more and is driven to provide advanced life support to your patients and community; an Advanced EMT course is for you. Make no mistake, the content is challenging, you need to be committed to take this program. AND the education team here at BPM is completely focused on your success and looks forward to having you in a class soon.


In our AEMT program, we will expand significantly on the core curriculum you completed during your Emergency Medical Technician course. This challenging course will set you up for success whether you intend to continue your career in EMS or move to other areas of focus in medicine.


Upcoming AEMT Courses in Bozeman and Kalispell 


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