Fully Subsidized Rural STEMI Care Training - Expiring Soon!

Posted by Nathan Williams on November 05, 2019

Have you and your organization taken advantage of this amazing opportunity?

If you haven't heard, Best Practice Medicine, on behalf of the American Heart Association and the Helmsley Charitable Trust, is offering fully subsidized, Montana focused, Best Practices in Rural STEMI Care – The Mission Continues. This invaluable education improves care for our cardiac patients and bolsters the knowledge of providers, nurses, and EMS professionals. This clinical education program continues the mission and initiatives of the American Heart Association's Mission Lifeline program, started in 2014, paused in 2018, then relaunched through March of 2020. (Get started here!).

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Best Practice Medicine Launches New Tactical Medicine Division With New Course: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care - Rural Environment!

Posted by Nathan Williams on October 11, 2019

Bozeman, MT, October 11, 2019 - This just in: Best Practice Medicine, a professional medical education company founded in Montana, with locations in Flathead County and Bozeman, has launched a new division: Tactical Medicine (TAC-MED) Division. With that, a brand new course has been created, especially for the rural context: TECC-RE: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care - Rural Environment. For those who want to train and prepare for high-threat prehospital environments (urban or rural) or battlefield casualty scenarios, the new TAC-MED division seeks to thoroughly train and prepare all those interested in this field. Best Practice Medicine is proud to also be offering both Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses. (Click here for more information). 

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To Err Is Human: The Film That's So Important We're Screening It For Free This September 21st

Posted by Nathan Williams on September 11, 2019

Have you ever watched a film so impactful that you wanted all your friends, family, and colleagues to see it? Recently we encountered just such a film: To Err is Human - A Patient Safety Documentary. It's such a big deal, in fact, that we're screening the film for free (with a special Q&A panel with Montana medical experts right after) and inviting all who can make it to attend.

"For anyone working in the medical field as a provider, administrator, educator, or healer--or even if you’ve been a witness to or affected by medical mistakes--this is an event you'll want to attend."

Do you know what the third leading cause of death is in the US? It's not diabetes, stroke, or even Alzheimer's. It's medical errors. Read that again. Medical errors. Medical mistakes lead to as many as 440,000 preventable deaths every year. That's the equivalent of 7-8 jumbo jets crashing every day with no survivors. With good reason, many medical experts are declaring this a public health emergency.

Join us Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 7PM at the Ellen Theatre in downtown Bozeman.

This is an event you don't want to miss out on. (Watch the trailer below). RSVP Here!

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How to Place and Acquire a 12-Lead Diagnostic EKG

Posted by Loren Deichman on August 05, 2019

Today, with Best Practice Medicine Co-Founder (and COO), Loren Deichman, and your BPM-TV host Miles Hackney, we'll be giving an in-depth description of how to place and obtain a diagnostic quality electrocardiogram. Quick trivia: Did you know electrocardiogram is abbreviated as both EKG and ECG? In German it's "Elektro-kardiographie"; in English it's "electrocardiography". An EKG is a record of electrical current in the heart over time. For many EMTs and Paramedics a 12-lead EKG is a vital tool in patient care. OK, let's dive in! Watch the video below or read on for the point by point training. 

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Simulation In Motion Montana Turns 2 Years Old!

Posted by Nathan Williams on July 15, 2019

By the time a child turns two years old, the experts say they should be able to do all kinds of fun things like stand on tiptoes, throw a ball, and begin to show more independence. Our own "baby", the Simulation in Motion Montana (SIM-MT) program, turns 2 years old this month and we are thrilled to report that we have three healthy, thriving little mobile sim labs on our hands. They're throwing balls, standing on tiptoes, and traveling all over Montana changing lives like they were born for it. It seems like just yesterday when the little labs were a twinkle in the eye of all those who brought her into the world. Now, in just a short time, we've hit some incredible milestones, working with thousands of rural healthcare clinicians across Montana, reducing error, improving outcomes and saving lives.

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Best Practice Medicine Opens New Campus In Flathead County, MT

Posted by Nathan Williams on July 01, 2019

Bozeman, MT, July 1, 2019 - This just in: Best Practice Medicine, a professional medical education company founded in Montana, has officially opened a new campus location in Flathead County, MT. With a main campus based in Bozeman, supporting a passionate team of over 50 educators, from Culbertson to Kalispell, this second campus will serve medical providers from Western MT, Northern ID, Eastern WA, and Canada. Strategically located at 600 Windmill Drive in Columbia Falls, the mountains of Glacier National Park within view, the campus will continue the mission of Best Practice Medicine, to bring high-quality medical education to all of Montana--and beyond.

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NREMT Practical Skills How-To: Extremity Splinting - Knee or Tibia/Fibula

Posted by Miles Hackney on July 01, 2019

Thanks for being a part of this awesome education community. Today we'll be continuing our exploration of splinting and immobilization of lower extremities. Remember, when performing any splinting intervention, we begin with manual stabilization of the injured part, followed by initial assessment of the patient's circulation, sensation, and movement (CSMs). Keep reading or watch our video to get the full scoop on splinting lower leg injuries. 

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Job Openings: Medical Simulation Team Leader - Bozeman, MT

Posted by Christine Dusl on June 27, 2019

Are you looking for a challenging, unique career in Emergency Medical Education, based in beautiful Bozeman Montana? We are searching for a Medical Simulation Team Leader to join our team. This position is broadly responsible for the day to day operation of the Simulation in Motion, Montana (SIM-MT) mobile lab, running individual simulation events, and managing the assigned simulation specialists. Want to know more? Keep reading for more details or apply here!

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NREMT Practical Skills How-To: Extremity Splinting - Ankle

Posted by Miles Hackney on June 24, 2019

Thanks for joining us! This is Miles with Best Practice Medicine. Today's post is another in our series covering extremity immobilization and splinting. In this, and the next few posts, we'll be covering immobilization of the lower extremities, including knees, ankles, and feet, and the upper and lower legs. Watch the video or read along below!

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Meet Best Practice Medicine: Loren Deichman Interview

Posted by Matt MaCoy on June 14, 2019

The heart and soul of Best Practice Medicine is its amazing people, the leadership and staff dedicated to providing world-class medical education and training to teams and providers across Montana and beyond. Today, we have the privilege to meet and interview Loren Deichman, co-founder/co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Best Practice Medicine. Watch the video below or keep reading for the full interview with Loren. 

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