Simulation Team Leaders Achieve CHSE Certification

Posted by Nathan Williams on November 07, 2019
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Simulation Team Leaders Achieve CHSE Certification, making Best Practice Medicine history.

We have crossed a major threshold in the history of Best Practice Medicine, the Project Partner for Simulation in Motion Montana Inc. We're proud to announce that Simulation Team Leaders Brodie Verworn and DJ Olson have both achieved national credentialing as a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE). To accomplish this distinguished credentialing, they spent months preparing for the exam and familiarizing themselves with validated best practices in simulation education. Created by The Society for Simulation in Healthcare, the CHSE certification "has been developed as a service to the healthcare simulation community. The CHSE certification is intended for individuals who perform healthcare simulation in the educator role without restriction to simulation modality, setting (locations where simulation takes place), geographic location, learner population, function (e.g. teaching, assessment), and profession." (1)

As Brodie shared, "Achieving this should tell people that education is our passion; that it is of the utmost importance to us; that we are the best that we can be, so our learners can be the best they can be; and, that we live in these communities, as well as our friends and family, and it's important if we ever find ourselves in need of care, those individuals are trained at the best and highest level that they can be."

SSH + CHSE - Best Practice MedicineAs a company, this means Simulation Team Leaders Brodie and DJ join Joe Poole, Best Practice Medicine's Director of Education, as our three nationally credentialed simulation educators—completing a core company objective we set out to accomplish two years ago. "I knew the process was going to make me as good as I could be at doing simulation education," said Joe about becoming CHSE certified. "I had motivation as the leader to be the first one through to show the path for others." The combination of our provisional accreditation from the Society of Simulation in Healthcare and CHSE credentialing of our simulation team leaders further demonstrates our collective commitment to set the benchmark for best practices in high quality simulation education in Montana and beyond.CHSE Team DJ Olson, Joe Poole, and Brodie Verworn with Best Practice Medicine

According to the Society of Simulation in Healthcare website, this special CHSE program was developed especially for educators specializing in healthcare simulation:

"This program has been developed over a number of years with the input of many individuals representing a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in healthcare simulation. Individuals from the international healthcare simulation community including other simulation societies contributed to the success of CHSE® Certification. SSH thanks everyone who has participated in the development of CHSE® Certification."

"I think it’s important for people to know that we, as a company, are only just beginning with those who are CHSE certified," said DJ. "Our goal is to have everyone on our simulation teams with these credentials. We are committed to education and meaningful learning and training and this certification is one way we are doing that."

Likely all three would agree with Joe's final thought, "I am more confident in what I’m doing, not because of time on the job, but because of knowledge in the job. I know that I confidently stand in front of a group of learners because of what I know—not because of the amount of hours or miles on the road."

It is our honor and privilege to recognize Brodie, DJ, and Joe for their incredible hard work and dedication to being the very best simulation educators possible. Congratulations!

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