Matt MaCoy

Matt MaCoy
With an extensive background in photography and videography Matt is spearheading the visual content creation and communication for Best Practice Medicine. He graduated from Montana State University in 2017 with a degree in photography and has worked with PBS, Step1Films, and independently to produce effective visual stories. Matt has also been an EMT for 4 years, volunteering with Big Sky Ski Patrol for the same period.
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Posted by Matt MaCoy on March 22, 2021

Date March 19, 2021 


Bozeman, MT — Best Practice Medicine (BPM) released a line of new, purpose built Mobile Community Vaccination Centers on Saturday, March 20, 2021, as added resources for their Vaccine Administration and Support Taskforce (VAST). With the addition of these trailers teams are capable of administering 300-400 vaccines each day at each location in Montana, completely self-sustained. 

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Topics: From The CEO, VAST

Meet Best Practice Medicine: Loren Deichman Interview

Posted by Matt MaCoy on June 14, 2019

The heart and soul of Best Practice Medicine is its amazing people, the leadership and staff dedicated to providing world-class medical education and training to teams and providers across Montana and beyond. Today, we have the privilege to meet and interview Loren Deichman, co-founder/co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Best Practice Medicine. Watch the video below or keep reading for the full interview with Loren. 

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A Week With MT Army National Guard | Simulation in Motion - Montana

Posted by Matt MaCoy on April 30, 2019

The golden March sunrise cuts through the cold morning fog as the ignition of two Sikorsky HH-60M Blackhawk helicopters crescendos. It’s all hands on deck at the Helena air base with a dozen Montana National Guardsmen scurrying about, rigging up for their mission. But, rather than some foreign insurgency or a dramatic mountain rescue, there is another objective in store for the day. The mission on the minds of the Guardsmen in C-Company of the 1-189th is that of refining and perfecting their medical practice so when disaster does strike, they are prepared.

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Topics: Simulation, Emergency Medical Training

The SIM-MT Difference: Interview with Joe Poole

Posted by Matt MaCoy on April 10, 2019

Being prepared for the rare or unexpected medical emergency can be difficult for any clinician or medical team. Mobile high fidelity simulation is changing that, however, helping clinicians stay sharp and be prepared for the infrequent high consequence patient care event. In the following interview we talk with Joe Poole, Director of Education at Best Practice Medicine, about Simulation in Motion Montana -- the largest mobile high fidelity simulation project in the United States. Read or watch the full interview below.  

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Topics: Simulation, Emergency Medical Training, EMS Training

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