Why You Should Go to The Simulation in Rural Healthcare (SIRH) Conference - 2019

Posted by Nathan Williams on March 19, 2019
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Next month, April 16-18, is the SIRH Conference, held this year in Omaha, Nebraska. This is the "Conference For American’s Rural Health Simulation And Education Specialists." If you haven't heard of it, it's a must-go event for any person or organization interested in or connected to rural healthcare in America, purpose-built for rural and remote educators. Made possible by the Helmsly Charitiable Trust, this is a gathering of national thought leaders and pioneers looking to network, learn, and move forward this growing and exciting field of clinical education. This is just the beginning for this dynamic, game-changing specialty and we need every thought-leader and change-maker on board.

Simulation opportunities continue to grow in rural healthcare, as do the challenges of providing meaningful, effective, accessible and affordable training. Medicine is quite possibly the last high consequence field to embrace the regular practice of life like rehearsals regularly for the infrequent high consequence patient care events. High fidelity simulation is changing that, making the rare clinical presentation a common training event, thereby preparing clinicians of all kinds to care for the most endangered patients. As many as 440,000 people die each year from preventable medical mistakes. It's imperative we turn this trend around; dynamic simulation is one of the primary keys to doing just that. Register Today

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What are other leaders saying about this conference?

"As one of the team leaders from the hosting city, I was introducing myself and was asking participants how things were.  One of the participants from another state told me, 'I learned more from what was presented yesterday than the entire week I was at my last conference.'  It was a moment of extreme pride for me.  I feel SIRH has its fingers on the pulse of what participants want and need when it comes to usable content and value for taking time out to attend a conference."

--Brodie Verworn, SIM-MT Simulation Team Leader


“This is the Comic-Con of simulation.  There's no better group to learn with and from than those who attend the SIRH conference.  It doesn't matter what your simulation involvement is, there's great information on lots if topics.  The breakout sessions are my favorite part because they allow you to focus on what you desire to know more about.” 

–DJ Olson, SIM-MT Simulation Team Leader


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Simulation in Rural Healthcare (SIRH) Conference

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