Training for High Consequence Encounters: Active Shooter Scenario

Posted by Nathan Williams on March 27, 2019
Nathan Williams
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Last month (Feburary 8) we ran an EMS refresher course for a fantastic group of EMTs and Paramedics here at our training campus in Bozeman. As a part of that training refresher, we created a full-on dynamic, emergency medical, rescue task force simulation based around a post active-shooter scenario. It included realistic props, obscure environments, and volunteer actors/trained medical professionals wearing full moulage makeup. This kind of hyper-realistic, immersive, simulation based education helps teams prepare mentally and physically for high consequence encounters.




High threat responses are increasingly common for first responders. This makes meaningful training and simulation all the more important for EMS professionals wanting to improve outcomes in these new environments. According to the FBI there were 250 active shooter scenarios in the US between 2000 and 2017, and an average of 2 casualties per day in 2017 from shootings. It's crucial first responders be trained and prepared for these extremely consequential scenarios.

Best Practice Medicine is setting the benchmark for realistic, immersive, experiential simulation based learning. Be prepared; improve outcomes; stay sharp. Physically and mentally we prepare you and your team for high consequence encounters. For more information, check out our upcoming EMT courses or EMS refreshersWe look forward to training with you soon!

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