Best Practice Medicine's Entertainment Medical Services Program

Posted by Jamie Heinrich on May 19, 2021
Jamie Heinrich

At Best Practice Medicine we understand the need to provide top-rate medical care for your events, gathering, and corporate trips. BPM offers a complete range of medical services for all your health and safety needs. With a collective 130+ years of clinical, administrative, and program management experience in every distinct field of emergency medicine, we understand the workforce health and safety requirements that your unique industry needs.


We'll deploy fully rigged and outfitted ambulances in addition to our highly skilled and licensed ALS providers to improve or augment your organization's safety and emergency response. Bringing onsite medical care to your event reduces liability and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your event.

Our on-site standby services are available for any indoor or outdoor event and we provide:

  • 24 Hour / 365 day medical standby services
  • AHA providers
  • Pandemic response screening
  • First Aid posts
  • Multiple types of response units
  • Required medical equipment

BPM is proud to provide highly skilled and licensed ALS providers to improve or augment your organization's safety and emergency response. We offer several types of medical teams to meet the exact needs of your event. We will custom build your care to match individual needs in order to provide you with professional, and cost-effective, on-site care. We can meet the needs of any special event, sporting event, concerts, rodeo, and motion pictures using our team of elite medical professionals.


But what about a private event on the horizon you need unique medical care for? Whether it be a hunting trip, a guided fishing tour, mountaineering, a helicopter tour, a private party, or whatever fun outing you have planned: BPM will provide licensed EMTs and/or Paramedics and any medical equipment you may need to accompany you for an added level of comfort and support so you and your guests can enjoy, not worry.


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