The Future of BPM's Simulation Team

Posted by Jamie Heinrich on September 07, 2021
Jamie Heinrich

The future of high-fidelity medical simulation is bright, and we are happy to be a part of it! We are incredibly excited to announce a new direction and massive expansion of our simulation team. For nearly five years, BPM has worked as a trusted partner of Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc (SIM-MT). Together, we built the largest mobile simulation program in the United States. Over 16,000 learners from the Montana Army National Guard, the National Park System, the Montana Hospital Association and many others have endured experiential learning through our education program. As of August 30, 2021, BPM and SIM-MT have concluded our professional relationship. 

“We are grateful to Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc. for partnering with us over these past five years and are incredibly proud of the work this partnership has provided to clients and patients across the state,” says Ben King, CEO of BPM.  

This separation does not conclude BPM’s work with high fidelity medical simulation — We will continue serving our clients with Montana’s only accredited mobile high fidelity medical simulation program and experienced, certified medical simulation educators.

“We are committed to learning equity in both access and quality,” says Loren Deichman, COO of BPM. “We will continue to deliver world-class learning experiences to all our clients – from the largest hospitals to the smallest services across Montana and beyond.”

That's right, we are growing! Our mobile high-fidelity medical simulation program has been stacked with new course offerings, locations, and state-of-the-art equipment for their learners.   

Let’s talk about some of this new equipment. 

  • “Leonardo” or “Kevin Bacon” is an adult patient simulator designed for high-quality simulation training in basic to advanced medical procedures, clinical team development and patient case management. His extensive functionality, combined with the ability to use your own medical devices, enables learners to fully immerse and challenge themselves as they put their individual and team skills to the test in time-critical emergency scenarios.
  • “Arthur” is a 5-8 year old pediatric patient simulator developed and produced by MedVision, bringing pediatric patient care to a whole new level. Arthur functions just as Leonardo.
  • “Mia” is an infant patient simulator developed for experienced specialists and leading experts in the field of newborn and infant. Mia contains the realism that helps recognize critical conditions and make split second decisions for those who save the most dear. 
  • "Victoria" is the newest generation Obstetrics simulator from Guamard. Complete with all the bells and whistles, Victoria delivers a fully immersive delivery experience for learners. Capable of simulating normal delivery, shoulder dystocia, breech delivery, and even Cesarian section, Victoria will ensure all providers are ready for imminent delivery situations. 

We are incredibly excited about the new developments within our simulation team. As a sneak peek, in October we will be announcing our fully-funded scholarship program for simulation-based education and will be revealing the world’s largest and most advanced mobile simulation hospital.

Stay tuned—we have a lot of exciting news brewing.

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